Greyish hair

Yesterday I spent the afternoon at the hairdressers and this is the result. You could say it’s step 2 of 3 in a process of getting grey hair! I still think it’s way too warm but when ever did you come out of a salon completely happy? ^^

She said that next time we could go even colder and I think I want it grey all over, no more highlights.

I’m still really pleased though because I couldn’t stand the warm tone I had before, it was so yellow to me. And the cut fits me and my hair completely!

We went for a walk this morning and now we’re just waiting for Alva to wake up from her nap so we can start organizing all the baby and kids clothes we’re selling at an upcoming flea market! How’s your Sunday?

EDIT: It might come in handy to show you the result I wish to get in order to understand why I’m not completely satisfied :)



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